Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love Letters

Okay, so this is my very first blog and project! We'll see how this turns out.

Today David and I decided to write down our love per say. I found this awesome idea on Pinterest. Instead of stealing the whole thing I decided to make it my own. He suggested making one with our song! Gotta love that guy! He had an amazing idea.

So, below is the process and all that fun stuff! I wouldn't normally want people stealing my ideas and creativity but it's such a cute idea and I think all couples should show their love like this. We're moving soon and we have decided to put it above our bed in our room. When that finally happens I'll share those pictures too.

Lets start!

As you can see you don't need much I bought all of this at JoAnn's.
Paint: BASIC brand $5.49
Brush: No idea who made it I think it was $5? 
(Try to get one pointier than what I have)
Canvas: $20 - 30x40 I think
(They were having a 50% off sale, No need to pay full price for that they always have sales or coupons!)

I HIGHLY recommend  doing this. I just tested it out. I painted exactly what I wanted on the plastic that way I knew for sure. If you look on the top left I had to "erase" my first time, haha. I loved this version. Remember though doing this is not how it's going to turn out. The plastic is very smooth and the canvas sucks up the paint faster. 

So, when I did if for real I made sure my brush was pretty wet. I stopped in between each word that way it wouldn't dry up too much. As you can see it didn't always work. It was my first time and I'm okay with the way it turned out :)

It's not perfect but it's still going up in our house

You can see where the paint ran out too quickly but "I think it adds a little something!"

For now it's going to go here. I just wanted you guys to see how it looks up

Well, I hope you guys try this and share it with me! 

Enjoy a afternoon of crafting! 

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  1. This sounds like a great idea Savannah! Maybe I can get John to do this with me :0) Also welcome to blogland!